Learn to drive in a safe environment with a driving simulator before getting behind the wheel. Simulator lessons are also great for experienced drivers who want to fine-tune more advanced skills in specific environments.

Lessons guide the new driver from the very beginning, how to drive a car and how to use the simulator, to advanced driving situations and how to avoid hazards and minimize risk. Although not exactly like driving an actual car, this system is excellent for building good habits and confidence that transfer well with the in-car lessons. The simulator reacts in real time to the actions taken by students and the computerized instructor along with access to a human instructor repeats lessons until students are proficient with driving skills.

These lessons are ideal for students who have not yet been able to get a permit or who have a permit and need to work on driving skills in a situation that will allow for making mistakes without serious consequences. New and/or nervous drivers may find the simulator lessons helpful for building confidence behind the wheel.

How it works:

  • Virtual lessons in a virtual world where students can learn and make mistakes without serious consequences
  • Lesson plans start from the beginning, how to drive a car, move to identifying and avoiding risks, and end with students driving in a virtual environment with a variety of traffic and weather conditions
  • Students can participate in free driving when making progress on lessons
  • Virtual teacher teaches and evaluates skills, licensed human teacher available for assistance when needed
  • Skills learned on the simulator set up the student for lessons on the roadway by building confidence and basic skills

Who it is for:

  • Students who are waiting to obtain their permit or license but want to refresh skills
  • Students who are brand new to driving with or without their permit
  • Students who are nervous about driving or who need to build confidence 
  • Students who are attempting to earn a driver's license and have driven outside of the US 

Lesson Plan:

  • How to drive a car and use the simulator, steering, accelerating, braking, and stopping
  • Identifying and mitigating risks
  • Driving Defensively, using a safety cushion, driving in low light conditions
  • Driving in traffic, rural and city driving
  • Free Driving in the virtual city with traffic as time allows

Manual Transmission setup lessons are available.