Take your road skills test at Wilco Driving School.

We offer testing options for teens and adults. All options include a short check ride to get familiar with our vehicle before the test starts. You can upgrade to a 45-minute lesson to review your skills with an instructor before your test.

You are eligible for a TEEN Road test if you:

  • are age 16 to 18
  • completed driver education, including classroom and behind-the-wheel (with a driving school or approved parent-taught program)
  • completed 30 additional hours of practice
  • held a valid Texas Learner's License (permit) for six months or longer

You are eligible for an ADULT Road test if you:

  • are age 18 or older
  • have a Texas Learner's License (permit) or Texas Restricted License
  • completed a 6-hour adult driver education course (only required for ages of 18-25)

What to Bring to Your Road Test

If you have completed a teen course, you will need the following:

If you have completed an adult course (required for ages 18-25), you will need the following: